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2023  Touring Dates

* Sept 22    Jo Long Theatre                           San Antonio, TX                         8 pm

* Sept 23    Jo Long Theatre                           San Antonio, TX                         7:30 pm

* Oct 27      Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr           Killeen, TX                                    8 pm 

* Oct 28     Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr            Killeen, TX                                  7:30 pm

* Nov 18      W.E. Scott Theatre                         Ft. Worth, TX                              7:30 pm

* Dec 9       Redeeming Grace                       San Antonio, TX                       7:30 pm

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 "Divorce Saved My Marriage"

When unintended consequences put The Grayson's marriage at risk, "For Better, For Worse", takes on a whole new meaning in this hilarious, adrenaline-fueled escapade. 

Cast Of "Mr. Fix-It"

"Theatre is the process of making the abstract            a concrete reality invoking change"

Bobby McMorris

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