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True love is the place you’re in when you feel connected, attached, and happy with “that certain someone.” Nicole Adams, a salon owner, finds herself far outside such a state, even though she is engaged to be married. Among other issues she’s facing, a former client has filed a lawsuit against her due to a hair color fiasco. Tyrone, Nicole’s fiancé and a self-styled entrepreneur, is supposedly in a position to help, but doesn’t seem to have her back.


Titus, once a serious contender for Nicole’s love and now a wealthy attorney, returns to town unexpectedly. Realizing he may be able to help Nicole, he attempts to woo her once again, leaving her confused and unsure of what to believe, who to trust or how to proceed.

As the plot unfolds, Nicole finds herself getting advice from an ever-increasing number of sources -- her best friend, the salon’s handyman, and the seemingly ever-present next-door neighbor, Mrs. Jenkins.


With so many viable options, Nicole struggles with an internal battle of her needs versus what she really wants. Which path should she take? And will she ultimately make the right choice?

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Mr. Fix-It

 Tour Dates

10/27/2019    Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr,         Killeen, TX        4:00 pm    

9/28/2019    Judson Performing Arts Ctr    SA, TX                      7:30 pm

8/31/2019     Killeen Arts & Activity Ctr,         Killeen, TX         7:30 pm         

7/20/2019    Josephine Theatre                   SA, TX                      7:30 pm

7/21/2019     Josephine Theatre                   SA, TX                      4:00 pm

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