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A tale on money, love, & secrets! Keith Morris, a struggling entrepreneur, is feeling the pressure of marrying his fiancée Katora in the upcoming months. They share differing views on how money should be spent, and seem unable to get on the same page financially.

The plot thickens when an ex-girlfriend, Felisha, unaware of Keith’s engagement, erroneously assumes his love for her remains and helps to relieve his debt. Keith finds himself in hot water when a well-meaning relative slips up and tells Felisha that he is engaged. Feeling betrayed and angry, Felisha gives Keith an ultimatum, threatening to reveal all to Katora.

The impending disaster takes a ripple effect as Keith finds himself going through rigorous efforts to meet Felisha's deadline while trying to hide his past from Katora. Keith calls on the advice of his Uncle, his best friend, and the grace of God to get him safely out of his mess. But will their collective efforts be enough to save his relationship with Katora or will their love get suspended?!


10/13/2018   Judson ISD Performing Arts 

Converse, TX   7pm 

6/10/2018   Performance Hall   

El Centro Dallas, TX   4pm 

6/9/2018   Performance Hall 

El Centro   Dallas, TX   7:30pm 

4/15/2018   Josephine Theatre   

San Antonio, TX   4:30pm 

4/14/2018    Josephine Theatre   

San Antonio, TX   7:30pm


Tour Dates

2/3/2018   Arts & Activity Center   

Killeen, TX   7:30pm 

12/10/2017   Performing Arts SA   

San Antonio, TX   7:30pm

12/10/2017   Performing Arts SA   

San Antonio, TX   3pm


12/9/2017    Performing Arts SA   

San Antonio, TX  7:30pm


12/8/2017    Performing Arts SA   

San Antonio, TX  8pm 

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